About AAIE

The American Association of Teachers of Esperanto (AATE) is an organization of people in Canada and the United States who teach the language Esperanto or are interested in the subject. AATE collect and disseminates information about Esperanto teaching in the United States and Canada, publishes articles about teaching methods in its Bulletin, and offers examinations at three levels for students of Esperanto.

Here is a sample issue of our newsletter (PDF).

Members of AATE are automatically also members of the International League of Esperantist Teachers (ILEI) and receive both our newsletter and ILEI’s quarterly journal Internacia Pedagogia Revuo (International Pedagogical Review).

AATE collaborates also with Esperanto-USA, the U.S. Esperanto organization, and our annual meeting takes place during the U.S. national Esperanto convention.

It is now possible to join the American Association of Teachers of Esperanto by means Esperant0-USA’s online bookstore. Simply visit the store and choose the link “AAIE/AATE Memberships” from the list on the left side of the main page.

The members of the board of directors of AATE are the following. (To send a message to a board member, please use the “Kontakti nin” link in this website’s main menu.)

  • President: Ron Glossop
  • Vice President: Philip Dorcas
  • Educational Secretary: Ruth (Margo) Kevess-Cohen
  • Corresponding Secretary: Dorothy Holland
  • Treasurer: Chuck Mays
  • Editor of the Newsletter and the website: Gary Grady